Trident TKa Adjustable Paddle

The Trident TKa adjustable stand up paddleboard (SUP) paddle balances comfort, convenience and control for entry-level and first year junior paddlers. This multi-purpose SUP paddle has a medium size blade suited to flat water cruising and exploration.
The shaft is made from fiberglass, and the paddle length can be easily adjusted to suit kids and junior paddlers in just a few seconds using the clip mechanism and the measurement guide printed on the shaft.

The handle has an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand for hours of effortless paddling.

Our new blade design, which is constructed from durable polypropylene, has a teardrop outline and a centred wide point that assists the paddler by reducing tip loading and the resulting flutter during a stroke.

The blade is also offset at 10 degrees to provide smooth entry into the water, and a clean transition from the water.

Designed for everyday use and built to last, the Trident TKa SUP paddle will provide hours of SUPing fun at an affordable price.

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Trident TKa Adjustable Paddle

Minimum Length: 130 cm
Maximum Length: 170 cm
Handle: White Polypropylene
Shaft: Prepreg Glass / Epoxy
Blade: Polypropylene
Blade Area: 527 cm2
Blade Width: 180 mm

PP Handle Cambered Dihedral PP Blade
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