Trident T588a Adjustable Paddle

The Trident T588a adjustable stand up paddleboard (SUP) paddle delivers exceptional power output and control for the everyday SUP paddler. This versatile SUP paddle has a medium size blade that’s ideal for high cadence surf paddling, yet can also be used in flat water and open ocean conditions.

The round carbon shaft allows for increased flexibility making it easier on the elbow joints and shoulders. Paddle length can be easily adjusted in a few seconds using the clip mechanism and the measurement guide printed on the shaft.

The carbon handle has an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand for hours of effortless paddling.

Our new blade design, which is constructed from pre-impregnated fibreglass/epoxy materials, has a curved teardrop outline and features three distinct characteristics that create a smooth, efficient stroke.

1. The wide point is positioned towards the middle of the blade. This centred wide point assists the paddler by reducing tip loading and the resulting flutter during a stroke.

2. The blade is also offset at 10 degrees to provide smooth entry into the water, and a clean transition from the water.

3. The ‘split proof’ blade has a coreless design, which makes it thinner, stronger and adds years of durably.

The Trident T588a SUP addle will satisfy the demands of the serious SUP paddle enthusiast who likes to mix surfing with flat water cruising.

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Tident T588a Adjustable Paddle

Minimum Length: 170 cm
Maximum Length: 220 cm
Handle: Carbon / White
Shaft: 50% Carbon
Blade: Prepreg Glass / Epoxy
Blade Area: 588 cm2
Blade Width: 193 mm


PP Handle Cambered Dihedral PP Blade
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