Tom Carroll Paddle Surf

Tom Carroll Paddle Surf Long Grain

The TC Paddle Surf Long Grain SUP is designed to encourage a longboard style and approach to riding waves.

DESIGN: Inspired by Tom Carroll’s passion for walking up and down a longboard in small clean waves, the overall design focuses on more efficient water flow over a relatively large surface area. By doing this we offer high volume stability without sacrificing speed and flow.

CONTOURS: The unique bottom contours reduce rail volume and drag without sacrificing stability under paddle power. The deep double concave displacement hull allows free flowing water movement through the underside of the nose while also reducing slapping. Subtle concave through the centre leads into a pronounced spiral vee out the tail which provides ample turning abilities and prevents rail-to-rail sticking, especially in uneven, choppy conditions and when driving through unpredictable wave zones. A slight bevel on the underside of the rail enhances trim sensitivity on the wave face.

ROCKER: Lower entry rocker and long gradual curves allow this board to maintain acceleration and incredible flow on any size wave. The rocker has also been designed to allow freedom of movement from the back turning zone right up to the nose.

FINS: Dynamic 2 + 1 set up comes with the new FCS II TC SUP side fins and a custom 8” TC Paddle Surf single fin. Tom prefers to set the larger centre fin forward in the box to allow for looseness off the tail.

PERFORMANCE: The 11’0″ delivers a longboard feel and a solid connection to the wave face. This board is perfectly suited to the recreational small wave surfer, and the high volume will also suit the estuary, inlet, and flat-water adventurer. The 10’4″ also delivers a longboard feel, but offers more agility and freedom to maneuver easily on a wave. This board will also serve as a great cross-trainer by transitioning seamlessly from the surf to flat water.

Approx board weights: 10’4: 11.3kg/24.9lbs | 11’0: 13.1kg/28.9lbs

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Tom Carroll Long Grain
Tom Carroll Long Grain

Long Grain 10′ 4″
Width: 30″
Thick: 4 5/16″
Volume: 144 ltr
Fins (supplied with board): FCS II TC Sides / 8″ TC Centre
Approximate Weight Range: 90 Kg / 198 lb

Long Grain 11′ 0″
Width: 31 ¾”
Thick: 4 ½”
Volume: 170 ltr
Fins (supplied with board): FCS II TC Sides / 8″ TC Centre
Approximate Weight Range: 95 Kg / 209 lb

Double ConcaveBevel Rail2-10ft WaveIntermediate - Advanced

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