All Rounder 11’6″ X1

As the name suggests the 11’6″ Adventure Paddleboarding All Rounder does it all. This is a very functional Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) suited to flat water cruising, yet it’s also versatile enough to take in the surf. At 220 litres in volume, this is an ideal board for beginner/entry-level, and heavier paddlers in excess of 100kg’s (240lbs).
DESIGN: The All Rounder has a full, rounded outline and plenty of volume out to the rails, which makes it sit high and flat on the water. The low rocker helps the board accelerate quickly and maintain glide and flow, and the flat-to-double concave bottom contours allow the board to maneuver easily on waves.

PERFORMANCE: This SUP is super stable, making it easy to jump to your feet and start paddling, within minutes most paddlers find they can turn and maneuver the board. The versatility of the All Rounder shouldn’t be underestimated, and for the more capable paddler it will transition from flat water to the surf without missing a beat.

FIN: The well-balanced single fin provides the control, and encourages single side stokes; this is great for beginner paddler’s because they don’t need to switch sides as much.

FEATURES: The All Rounder is nice and light, and it has a comfortable cavity handle for easy transportation to and from the water. The deck traction feels soft and prevents slipping off the board, and there’s additional nose plugs for creating a forward storage zone.

This is an affordable SUP that’s rich in design features and performance.

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All Rounder 11'6
All Rounder 11'6
All Rounder 11'6
All Rounder 11'6

Length: 11’6″
Width: 33″
Thick: 5″
Volume: 220 ltr
Fins (supplied with board): 10″ Single
Approximate Weight Range: 124 Kg / 273 lb

Belly/Flat/Double Full Rail 0-4ft Waves Beginner - Intermediate Mouse over images.

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