NSP DC 14′ 25″ Ocean Race Pro – Brushed Carbon

Travis Grant joined NSP in December 2012. In 2013 riding boards developed with NSP Shaper Dale Chapman, Travis has returned to form to win at the global level. As a world champion Travis is truly one of the fastest paddlers in the world and has extremely exacting specifications on what he needs to take him to the podium.

These Limited Edition board are the exact same boards that Travis uses himself to compete with the world’s best paddlers. They are elite versions of the Surf and Ocean Race series designed by Dale Chapman and are designed for the elite paddler with a hunger for speed at all costs.

The Ocean Race Pro was designed as a downwind racing board. Also featuring a rolled to vee bottom and lower deck this board has seen Travis win Australia’s biggest race and then travel to NZ to win the King of the Harbour.

This Ocean Race Pro model weights approx: 11kgs.

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NSP DC 14' 25

Length: 14′
Width: 25″
Volume: 266.9 ltr
Fins (supplied with board): 9″ Ultralite foam core carbon
Approximate Weight Range: Ideal for all weights



Rounded bottom to vee on tail Box Rail Flatwater, ocean and waves to 3ft Advanced
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