NSP DC 14′ 26″” Ocean Race Elite – Brushed Carbon

The Ocean Race Elite Brushed Carbon model (14″ x 26) is part of the NSP range of Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) designed in collaboration with Australia’s leading SUP designer Dale Chapman.

With input from NSP team riders such as world champion SUP paddler Travis Grant the NSP DC designs are fast, comfortable, usable, stable and versatile. They are equally at home in flat water, surf or ocean conditions.

The Ocean Race Elite is the perfect SUP to be at the pointy end of the 14′ division. This board features a parallel outline in the mid section with a good width in the nose and tail to maintain stability that creates an extremely fast, flowing board that will link the bumps for you. Like all DC Boards the 14′ x 26 is extremely versatile and will hold its own on a river or lake as well.

Constructed using brushed carbon technology the Ocean Race SUP is the ultimate in lightweight, elite, high end production. It weights in at 11.2kgs (24.6lbs) and comes with: a foam core fin; 1 x external padded centre carry strap; 1 x racing strap on the nose (can be fitted to either side); sunken deck for ultimate control and comfort; Goretex valve; full length dual pattern deck pad; snub nose semi displacement design combined with rocker and rails creating maximum speed and ease of handling.

NSP DC Boards are all round SUP designs and can be used for cruising, touring or racing all the way from first board to first place.

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NSP DC 14' 26

Length: 14′
Width: 26″
Volume: 275 ltr
Fins (supplied with board): 9″ Ultralite foam core carbon
Approximate Weight Range: Ideal for all weights



Rounded bottom to vee on tail Box Rail Flatwater, ocean and waves to 3ft Intermediate - Advanced
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